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Eating Sanity What is Food Addiction
Eating Sanity Am I A Food Addict?

Food addiction is a chronic disease of brain reward and motivation, however it has not officially been recognized as such by the American Medical Association. With that said, the AMA didn’t recognize alcoholism as a medical and psychiatric disease until 1991 and I’m sure we can all agree that alcoholism existed long before it was officially recognized as a disease.



I find that by the time most people have landed on a website entitled Eating Sanity, they don’t really need a quiz to determine if they are a food addict. But, why not make it official? Keep in mind that food addiction has many different manifestations. You might answer some of the questions…”Ding, Ding, Ding, that’s me” and others, “not so much.”



Eating Sanity: The Philosophy

Chances are, you are an expert in weight-loss. By the time we admit we are food addicts, the majority of us have our PhD in counting calories, fat grams, points, and carbs. We’ve probably dabbled in weight-loss pills or endured a wretched cleanse of some sort. We’ve signed up for bootcamps, spin classes and Zumba (we might have even owned a Thighmaster, however let’s keep that our secret). In other words, this isn’t your first rodeo.



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