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Spirituality 101

Spirituality 101 by Lisette Cifaldi, LMSW owner of  Eating Sanity, When we talk about finding balance in life or striving for optimal health, we are usually referring to enhancing the health of our collective mind, body, and spirit. It’s a lofty quest, but achieving just a moment of that elusive balance provides us a


If You Want To Lose Weight, Ditch The Shame!

I spent many years ashamed of being overweight. It wasn’t your run-of-the-mill shame. It was deeply embedded, running through my veins, permeating every aspect of my life. My breath was shallow from the heaviness of my shame. The excess weight was just the visible subject of my torment. A more persistent shame, one that didn’t

Moderation vs. Restriction

Moderation vs. Restriction by Lisette Cifaldi, LMSW Owner of Eating Sanity & Eating Sanity on Location If I had a dime for every time someone told me to just eat sweets in moderation, or any other yummy food for that matter, I could have retired by now. The fact that I just used the colloquialism,


Beware of Political Weight Gain

by Lisette Cifaldi, MSW, LMSW, Owner of Lately, I’ve noticed that many of my clients have had their serenity breached by the endless barrage of political rancor. The truth is, a long line at the grocery store and finding my cherished leftovers eaten can breach my serenity, so it’s no wonder that today’s political


Food Rules for Food Addicts

Written by Lisette Cifaldi, MSW, LMSW at There’s typically a single rule inherent in most addiction treatment: don’t. For the alcoholic, it’s don’t drink. For the drug addict, it’s don’t use. For the compulsive gambler, it’s don’t gamble. There’s no negotiation. There’s often no degree of how much you should or should not engage


Addiction is a Liar

Written by Lisette Cifaldi, MSW, LMSW at Addiction is a phenomenal liar. In fact, lies are the deadbolt that addiction uses to keep us locked in the chaos and suffering it causes. As we live in the self-loathing of compulsive eating, and the shame created from our binging, as well as obsessive thoughts about


Weight: Symptom or Problem?

Written by Lisette Cifaldi, MSW, LMSW at My recovery from food addiction didn’t begin with a desire to end the madness with food. It started with a desire to lose weight. I wasn’t looking for mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. My weight was my only problem, or so I thought. I was 60-pounds overweight,