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Eating Sanity: Food Addiction Recovery Through Coaching, Advocacy and Education
Food Addiction Recovery Eating Sanity

Chances are, you are an expert in weight-loss. By the time we admit we are food addicts, the majority of us have our PhD in counting calories, fat grams, points, and carbs. We’ve probably dabbled in weight-loss pills or endured a wretched cleanse of some sort. We’ve signed up for bootcamps, spin classes and Zumba (we might have even owned a Thighmaster, however let’s keep that our secret). In other words, this isn’t your first rodeo.


When it comes to food addiction recovery, we have to step outside the box and be willing to try something new. That something new isn’t another diet. In fact, food addiction recovery requires that you stop focusing on the weight. Before you panic, read on…


Weight is a symptom of a more pervasive problem. You can keep addressing the symptom of weight with the latest diet or weight-loss fad, but until you get to the sources of the problem you will never have lasting recovery from the madness with food, or find yourself sustaining a healthy weight.


Food addiction recovery requires you to explore challenges within many systems; physical, emotional, spiritual, social, psychological and environmental. As each system is investigated, as you slowly learn to plug back into systems from which you have become disconnected, problems can be addressed, healing can begin, and the addiction slowly atrophies.







The Eating Sanity approach to food addiction recovery will help you establish a sane relationship with food, leaving behind the insanity of dieting and addiction. Sanity gives way to serenity and serenity feeds the soul. Weight-loss is a natural bi-product of this process.


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