Lisette Cifaldi Food Addiction Recovery Coach
Eating Sanity: Food Addiction Recovery Through Coaching, Advocacy and Education

I have been so blessed to work with many people along their journey of healing and empowerment. Their kind words have taken root in my heart and nourished my soul…

“At 62 I discovered Lisette. Three months later I weighed 30 pounds less and I didn’t diet. But the weight l am losing pales in comparison to the perspective and personal satisfaction I continue to gain through my connection with this extraordinarily kind and insightful guide. Lisette is smart, unpretentious, often funny, incredibly caring and totally committed to my wellbeing as she will be for you.”


Richard O.



“I have been a high achiever all my life and very successful in my career, yet the battle with my weight is the one battle I could never seem to win. In fact, it made me feel alone and ashamed. Lisette was the lifeline I needed. She helped me to accept the struggle in a way that removed the shame and finally allowed me to achieve lasting recovery from food addiction.”


Katherine W.

New York


"I feel fortunate to have found Lisette. She really gets what it means to live with daily struggles related to healthy eating. Her knowledge is matched with true empathy. "


Jean F.



“Lisette keeps current on valuable psychological and physical research that impacts transforming and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She has been a major factor in transforming my life. I highly recommend working with her.”


Kathy A.



“I am so thankful and blessed to have met Lisette; she has the biggest heart I know and truly cares about each of her clients. Lisette is the first person who has ever understood my food addiction and issues that come with it because she has been through it herself and knows how to be successful with the recovery process.”


Anne D.



“I would recommend Lisette Cifaldi for two reasons:

1. Trust. When talking with Lisette she shares her real life experiences so I can both relate & trust what she has to say. I have found her advice to be spot on & real.

2. Caring. I believe the one thing a person can’t fake is caring about the individual. I truly believe that when talking with Lisette she truly cares about me as a person. This quality helps me feel better about myself.”


Eric S.



“Lisette helped me work through some problems that were only tangentially related to my weight loss journey. I will always be grateful to her for never making me feel like those thoughts were not significant. Despite her popular demand, Lisette always made me feel that her time was my time. I've since come to realize how rare that is.”


Ahmed N.



"It's not that I don't understand nutrition or the importance of exercise, the real issue is why I don't implement what I know to lose weight. This is what Lisette is helping me with. She is empathetic, has concrete suggestions and presents them in a motivational way. "


Donna G.



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