Lisette Cifaldi Food Addiction Recovery Coach
Eating Sanity: Food Addiction Recovery Through Coaching, Advocacy and Education

The standard coaching package involves a 3-month commitment.


Coaching clients can expect to participate in the following activities over the course of their 3-month coaching commitment:


     A 60-minute comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment of your relationship with food as

          well as your history with weight and dieting.

     A 60-minute session strategizing your course for recovery and outlining short term and

          long term goals.

     10 weekly 30-minute video-conferencing* calls that have two main purposes:

              1. Reflect on the successes, challenges and insights that the previous week provided.

              2. Address challenges in the week ahead and make behavioral commitments meant to

              manage the addiction.

     Daily email check-ins prompted by your coach

     Sporadic supportive and inspiring texts from your coach.

     Occasional homework & reading assignments.

     Limited phone-call availability for food addiction crisis situations.


      * Coaching is also available in-person, depending on your location, and via the telephone.

Individual 60-minute, consultations via video-conferencing, phone or in-person are also available. Inquire by email for more information. Typical consults involve some of the following themes:


     Food Addiction Assessment

     Life-Balance Assessment with Solution-Focused Recommendations

     Spiritual Development Counseling

In addition to Food Addiction Recovery Coaching, Lisette Cifaldi is a well-known motivational speaker. She inspires and empowers individuals, corporations, and communities nationally. Lisette’s brand of public speaking is credited with provoking corporate cohesiveness through the cultivation of gratitude. She is also approved to provide continuing education lectures for social workers, registered dietitians, and psychologists in several states.


To inquire about inviting Lisette to speak at your next corporate retreat, fundraiser or community event, email her directly at



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